Business and Personal Image Makeovers

Putting the Art in to the Heart of Business. 

Our Business Image Consulting acquired over thirty years in Marketing and Advertising.
We will help you create the company concept and logo; launch the company website; create promotional campaigns; manage social media, ad campaigns and press releases; organize formal events; direct photo and video shoots: and, last but not least, oversee interior design.

Company Concept
Web Development

Social Media
Video Production
Event Planning

Please contact us with a specific request to create a quote for you.  

Style Makeovers

Our consulting company is working with the experts to help you to achieve your goals. Makeup artists, hair and wardrobe stylists, dietitians, will help you to prepare yourself for a new chapter. Photographers and videographers will be there to capture the moment. Interior decorators, event planners will help you to celebrate it with friends to see.






Permanent Makeup


Hair Design


We specialize on corrective services.


Become A Masterpiece

Everything you need to become your dream or your loved one’s, either for them alone or for the whole world to see how beautiful and unique you are.

An Art Project, “Inspiration: Masterpieces Reborn” by Inna Race, has been showcased in multiple art galleries and private collections. You have a unique chance to become a part of it, with your body as a unique canvas, either for the whole world or for certain eyes only to see. #paintmeover #innaraceart Please contact for services and collaborations.


Please contact us with a specific request to create a quote for you. Based in Los Angeles, traveling with services all over the world.
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